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There are various stages which come in a girls life. She is a daughter, a sister, a wife and above all a mother. After marriage a woman becomes a wife and a mother. Here her career path takes a turn, may be it comes to an end. It is not always that it comes to an end due to the atrocities of men and women, most of the time it is the love for her family and specially children that the woman do not want to venture out in the open world. Here we are standing for them. We provide vocational courses which they can pursue while staYing at home taking care of their family and children. These vocational courses are in many and varied fields. Every girl who is pursuing any course in any discipline shall have to opt one diploma of her choice. In addition to this the vocational courses are also available to housewife, working women and others who have a desire to become entrepreneurs.

These are:

1. 1 Year 10th
2. 1 Year 10th
3. 1 Year 10th
4. 1 Year 10th
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