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In the world history, the history of Mewar has got a golden chapter, a chapter of glory, bravery, chivalry and there are numerous instances of devotion, patriotism, sacrifice, faithfulness and devotion to almighty and in all spheres the woman folk remained ahead of man folk.

Simply feeling proud and remaining contended, now will not work.

This is a time for girls and women of this era to achieve heights as our ancestors had in the world history.

Mewar Education Society are providing you a platform where you can shape your future in the field of your choice. The aim is to provide all opportunities to the girls and women of our region, so that their inner talent can be nurtured producing responsible, sensible, confident girls and women of society.

The courses offered will help students to realize their capabilities, enhance them with proper training and inculcate in them the spirit of professionalism. Doubts will have no place in the process of effective communication; success will find its way in 'YOU'. Keep in mind success is not something to wait for; it is something to work for.

I wish you all success in life and do hope your study will shape your career in the best possible way.

Shankar Lal Gadiya
Mewar Education Society