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MGC offers its students opportunities to help them find the right job, or to have a right job find them. The career management process is a cooperative effort between the student, the Career Management Center and the Institute community. Throughout the two years in MGC, students hone their own marketability studying companies and industries, learning how to analyze their finances, their products and their markets, receiving guidance in preparing their resumes, developing good interviewing and job search techniques, gaining practical experience to interact with prospective employers through course related and summer projects. Students learn to develop a career management plan and effective self-marketing skills. The Career Management Center provides guidance, and offers additional services including the preparation and mailing of the placement brochure, the distribution of resumes to interested companies, maintenance of data on jobs, summer placement opportunities, and arrangement of campus interviews.

Over 100 companies have shown keen interest summer placement at MGC some of them are-


 Birla Cement Works, Chittorgarh

 Bajaj  Allianz

 J.K. Cement Works, Nimbahera

 ICICI Prudential

 Aditya Cement Works, Sawa

 Hindustan Zinc Ltd

 Vikram Cement, Khor (M.P.)

 Nitin Spinners Ltd

 IPCA Laboratories, Ratlam (M.P.)

 Mayur Suiting, Bhilwara

 S.P. Biotech, Jaipur

 Rajasthan Spinning & W. Mills

 Alkem Pharma, Surat

 Sangam Industries Ltd. BHL

 Shreedhar Bhat Biotech, Baglore

 Birla Int. Mktg. Corporation

 Adani Exports, Jaipur

 Reliance Life Insurance

 Agricultural Univ., Junagarh

 Kotak Securities Ltd.

 Vaibhav Gems Ltd ,  Jaipur

 CIPLA, Jaipur

 CIMAP, Lucknow

 Wipro BPO, New Delhi

 Indian Institute of Science, Banglore



 From the Training & Placement Coordinator...

The aim of the Career Management Service is to help all students explore wide variety of options available and to help you plan and effectively implement your next career move. The Institute takes the full responsibility to arrange career placement for all successful candidates. The Institute provides additional skill enhancement support. Besides maintaining active contacts with the industry the Institute has close links with worldwide placement agencies, therefore, in a position to ensure good placement. Because of the quality of our programmes and the pedagogy, most of our students are being offered career opportunities even before completing their programmes.

Romendrapal Singh Rathore 
Training & Placement Coordinator