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Physics is the mother of the all the branches of science. Development in physics has provided more input to all the physical science. Also applied physics has its input to all fields of our human life. Physics has provided us extra hands like robots, laser, space techniques, submarine & so many others.

The Physics Laboratory is one of the major operating units of MGIMT. Its mission is to support all science^and technology courses at MGIMT.



The Laboratory programs span the full range from tests of fundamental postulates of physics to the more immediate needs of industry and commerce. Its constituency is broadly distributed throughout academia, government, and industry.

To ensure that industry derives maximum benefit, BCA and B.Sc. (Biotech) syllabii focuses on the following strategic areas:

  • Electronic devices.
  • Optical technology.
  • Radiation applications and control.
  • Fundamental physical quantities.
  • Biophysics and related devices.


  • Physics lab is quite spacious and is also attached with a dark room
  • There is a saperate electronic laboratory.
  • It is well equipped with required apparatus fulfilling the need of syllabus.
  • These apparatus covers all branches of physics like mechanics, heat, light, electricity, and magnetism and semiconductor electronics.


  • Experiments are performed according to the syllabus
  • Theoretical concepts and principles are explained through experience.
  • Minor Project/works are also allotted to the students for different fields .
  • Monthly practical tests are conducted
  • greater emphasis is given on concepts, understanding and problem solving.