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The MGIMT is in continuous pursuit of higher standards and the honest efforts are being undertaken to impart knowledge and skill. The Institute arranges seminars and conferences on current topics of interest, exchange visits are also programmed by the Institute. Interclasses seminars on the topics relevant to their course curriculum for the enhancement of their personality are frequently organized. These activities are supplemented by frequent group discussions to hone the communication skills of the students. A host of other co-curricular activities are also organized for this purpose.

For presentations and group discussion one need to have a good communication skills. For good communication skill one need to have a fluency in English which is the need of the time. Here we provide extra opportunity to all the students to learn English language. This is one of the value added programme attached to our main curriculum. This programme equips the students with those skills which help them in sailing through their main curriculum and in due course enjoy whole life to the greatest extent.

  • English improvement classes
  • Saturday sessions
  • Class room sessions
  • Project presentations
  • Group discussion
  • Virtual interview sessions
  • Industrial visit
  • Various value added programmes
  • Summer training