Fastest Growing Premier Educational HUB of Rajasthan

Dear friends,

The 21 st century presents unique challenges for the higher education system. Higher education must be able to respond to the raising expectations of the students and demand of global competition. In this scenario our higher educational system is equipped to respond to the opportunity in a need-based and qualitative manner. Mewar developed in the age of technology and has always placed a strong emphasis on education for the 'RealWorld'.
The quality of knowledge which is generated here is determined keeping in view the nation's global competitiveness.
We provide man-making, life-building and character building education. Mewar has envisioned the goal, the goal of creating leaders, THE GLOBAL LEADERS .

The WTO regime on educational services presents and excellent opportunity to access global markets while throwing open our frontiers to external competitions.

Mewar lays the foundation of skills, experience, and confidence one needed to chart a dynamic career path and launch an entrepreneurial venture.

Good Luck

Ashok Kumar Gadiya
Mewar University