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Faculty of Arts & Social Science
Under Graduate  Programmes
 Bachelor of Arts (in Both Mediums)
 (Economics,Pol.Science/Statistics,  Public  Administration, English)
3 Year

Faculty of Arts & Social Science at MGIMT provides a three year degree programme that is Bachelor of Arts [with English Medium] in following subjects:

  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • English (Lit.)
  • Statistics
  • Public Administration

The Bachelor of Arts is one of the most popular Three Year Degree Courses. It offers a wide range of career opportunities and highly flexible degree options for those who want to cover different subject areas. This is the ideal degree for those seeking a broad range of valuable life-long skills. Graduates will develop skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, computers, communication and personality development.

An arts degree broadens your understanding of the world and encourages a questioning mind. It develops your writing, communication, research and analytical skills, preparing you for a wide range of entrance examinations with ample opportunities of employment.

MGIMT provides excellence in teaching by highly trained and motivated staff in
various disciplines of Arts.

Career Options :-

  • The BA is a path of entry to the State and Central Level Administrative
    , (the most valued services) in India.
  • A BA followed by an appropriate Diploma/Degree of Education (B.Ed.) is a normal pathway to Primary or Secondary School Teachers.
  • Less traditional combinations have also become common. For example, BA graduates can now enter to the accountancy profession through a postgraduate converSIOn course.