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What we do and how we live- its fashion that makes us all perceive. We must be aware that over years and centuries, we have lived with fashion. The word "FASHION" connotes the way of living of living of each one of us. Whether young and old, fashion is what we visualize. Fashion come from a Latin word "facers" which means "to make". It can be defined in many ways and it mean 'many thing to many people.' It may be "applause" , "Golden dreams", Looking good , "stroke of genius" ,Right of exclusive taste.

What is Fashion Designing?
It is an artistic science and scientific art of learning to combine color, fours, pattern and texture for the final effect that is right for the time, place and the user creating or styling the appearance of a person with reference to clothing, accessories and beauty in corresponding with the personality of any individual is fashion designing.

Here at Mewar Girls Industrial Training Center we are providing one year diploma course for fashion Technology. We are providing here knowledge of basic elements of designing principle of designing, understanding co lour cycle, brief study of history of clothing , knowledge of fibers and different fabrics textiles, trims, garment designing, garment making, basic and traditional embroideries, Bandhej , Batik , accessory designing and personal grooming.

To be successful professional in the field of fashion designing knowledge of the above is very essential.

Career Options:

Garment industry is second largest industry in our country, So there are lots of opportunities & scope in due field related to it.

After doing this course you can work

  • As a Fashion Designer
  • As a Textile Designer
  • At Export house
  • Pattern designer
  • Self Boutique

It is not necessary to work some where, you can start it by doing it by doing it from home.

Why from MGITC:

  • Well equipped lab
  • Spacious theory class
  • Modern Machineries
  • Fashion maker
  • 5- thread twin needle machine
  • Button hole machine
  • Inter lock machine
  • Cutting machine
  • Computer lab
  • Convince facility.