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Objective :-

This is a one year diploma course. O bjective of the course in to impart necessary knowledge and skill to the trainee in the trade of dress making , so that they become employable as stitching machine operators or cutters or pattern making helper in the garment making industry.

COURSE CONTENTS:- This course is broadly divided in to two modules-

1. Stitching

  • Basic stitching
  • Cutting stitching and finishing of garments
  • Project

2. Drafting

  • Human figure
  • Measuring techniques
  • Paper pattern
  • Adjustment of cutting method for individual

Garment industry is second largest industry in our country, So there are lots of opportunities & scope in due field related to it.
After doing this course you can work

  • As a Fashion Designer
  • As a Textile Designer
  • At Export house
  • Pattern designer
  • Self Boutique

It is not necessary to work some where, you can start it by doing it by doing it from home.

Why from MGITC:-

  • Well equipped lab
  • Spacious theory class
  • Modern Machineries
  • Fashion maker
  • 5- thread twin needle machine
  • Button hole machine
  • Inter lock machine
  • Cutting machine
  • Computer lab
  • Convince facility.