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We are committed to help you make the most of our information resources. We have Modem Computer Laboratory is provided with latest technology and state-of-the art facilities. Computer lab has windows 2003 Server, UNIX (LINUX) with P4 computer systems on the LAN with INTERNET facility (Softwares:- Auto Cad2006, Novel Netware & C++ Boreland).

Lab Features :- Lab Activities :-
  • Well Equipped & Furnished Lab
  • Internet facility (Full Time)
  • Latest Technology based PCs (P4 PCs)
  • Highly Qulified & Experienced Lab
  • Instructors Un-interrupted Power Supply
  • Daily Assignment
  • Regular H/W & Networking Practical
  • Weekly Practical - Test
  • Weekly articals on related topics
  • Web Surfing on related subjects.
  • Demonstration on lap top - Projector