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To explain & to perform techniques related to chemistry & biochemistry MGIMT has a well furnished and well equipped chemistry lab with all facilities.

Lab Features:-
Chemistry lab of MGIMT has facilities such as proper heating, washing & drainage, Instruments and apparatus used for measurement of weight, pH, optical activity, melting point, boiling point, heat of reaction, viscosity, surface tension, relative density etc., model formation of different molecules, solvents, chemicals, laboratory reagents & charts.


Lab Activities:-

Weekly 4 hours for Chemistry and Biochemistry practical.
Experiments are repeated again and again until best results come.


(1) Qualitative analysis.
(2) Quantitative analysis.
(3) Preparation.
(4) Measurement of pH, optical activity, relative density, viscosity, surface tension.
(5) Study of Reaction Kinetics.
(6) Practical related to Thermo chemistry.