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One of the recent definitions of biotechnology is, "The application of Scientific & Engineering Principles to the processing of Materials by biological agents to provide goods & services".

Biotechnology is a package term for biological technology. It is the integrated use of molecular biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology & Genetic Engineering used for the welfare of human beings Biotechnologies are applied across several sectors of economic activity, including health care, Agriculture, Food processing & Industrial applications. Biotechnology is a young science, which is in budding stage, with limitless possibilities.

Where all other branches science is saturated, biotechnology is an emerging field all over the world. It is this science which will yield the wonder drugs of tomorrow is also new varieties of plants & animals.



  • MGIMT College has a well furnished & well equipped Biotechnology lab as well as microbiology lab with all the modern equipments. This college provides 2 labs for biotech practical.
  • Biotech lab has four chambers in equipments chamber following equipments are there:
    Hot air Oven, Incubator, Deep freezer, B.O.D, Centrifuge, Digital Colony Counter, Vortex Shaker, pH meter, Magnetic Stirrer, Binocular microscopes, compound microscopes.
  • In Inoculation chamber there are two L.A.F. used for aseptic inoculation/ transfer of media & culturing.
  • In culture chamber there are three big culture racks.
  • It has a well Equipped Physics & Chemistry Lab
  • In Computer chamber there is UV /VIS Spectrophotometer along with computer facility

Activities :-

  • biotech students weekly one full day & two hours daily is for biotechnology practical.
  • Practical are repeated again & again until the best results come.
  • Weekly Class Room Presentation by the students
  • Class tests and Assignments (Twice in a month)
  • Pre-University Test (Based on University Exam Pattern)
  • Saturday Seminars
  • Online Subject Quiz Competitions
  • Guest Lectures by experts

Course Contents :

Bio-physics, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Cell biology, Biochemistry , cell-biology , genetic engineering, (Genetics), Immunology, plant biotechnology , Recombinant DNA technology , Bioprocess Engineering, Career Directions after B.Sc.(bio-tech).




Scope after B.Sc.(Bio-tech)

Full information of Bio-technology
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