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MGIMT College has a well furnished & well equipped Biotechnology lab as well as microbiology lab with all the modern equipments. This Colege provides 2 labs for biotech practical.

In the first lab, facilities such as power washing & drainage facility, instrument used for wet & dry sterilization, for Ph measurment, for perservation, for weighing & microscopes as well as different cultures & spacimens are avialable.


The first lab is basically a preparative lab used before entering the second lab. Second lab having four chambers namely inoculation chamber, equipment chamber, culture chamber & Computer chamber. Proper aseptic & Contamination free atmosphere is maintained in both the labs.

Lab Features :-
  • Biotech lab has four chambers in equipments chamber following equipments are there:
    Hot air Oven, Incubator, Deep freezer, B.O.D, Centrifuge, Digital Colony Counter, Vortex Shaker, pH meter, Magnetic Stirrer, Binocular microscopes, compound microscopes.
  • In Inoculation chamber there are two L.A.F. used for aseptic inoculation/transfer of media & culturing.
  • In culture chamber there are three big culture racks.
  • In Computer chamber there is UV NIS Spectrophotometer along with computer facility.
Lab Activities :-
  • For biotech students weekly one full day & two hours daily practical.
  • Practical are repeated again & again until the best results come.
  • Practicals performed in Biotech Lab:-
    1. Isolation of Plant Pathogenic fungus, Specific Fungus, bacteria.
    2. Identification of Bacteria.
    3. Preparation of pure cultures.
    4. Spreading, Streaking & Pour plate method.
    5. Counting of Microbial colonies using Digital Colony Counter.
    6. Disk Diffusion test.