Fastest Growing Premier Educational HUB of Rajasthan

MGC always endeavors to educate society in real terms and in due course our endeavor towards education of girls is a pioneering effort. Mewar region has always been known for the excellence in education and entrepreneurial skills of its inhabitants. But despite the process capabilities there has been a lack of quality educational facilities in the region. This has prompted the youth of the region to explore the educational opportunity in the state of Gujrat, Maharastra and Delhi.

MGC has been amongst the first to identify this need and assess the requirement of the girls in the region. It has been well said that educate a boy you educate an individual and educate one girl you educate a family, a society and in turn the whole country. So the society planned a state-of-the art education facility for girls in the heart of Mewar region Le. Chittorgarh. The institute will provide education in the field of Technology, Computers, Bio Technology, Microbiology, Management, Sciences and other vocational courses.

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